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  • Toledo Show 2016
    Toledo Show 2016
    Posted by admin
    Every year, the Weak Signals Toldeo Show in Toledo, OH marks the beginning of Spring for many modelers, and this is surely true at DU-BRO! On April 1-3, Jim Broberg, President of DU-BRO, and Ed B... Read More
  • DU-BRO Launches New "Super Slim Lite Wheels"
    DU-BRO Launches New "Super Slim Lite Wheels"
    Posted by admin
    Super Slim Lite Wheels were designed for most ARF’s that need larger diameter treaded wheels to taxi and take-off from grass fields. They are slim to fit onto short and small diameter axles. They... Read More
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Micro Adjust Servo Arms - DUBRO Products

Micro servos have various quantities of splines on the servo output shaft.  To accommodate most, we have the Micro Adjustable Servo Arm that will allow you to accommodate the various spline counts with a single servo arm.  Watch as it is demonstrated here.

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